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I'm a Real Glutton for Punishment.   Serve Me Up  The Whole Enchilada

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Atlas Shrugged Books to Politicians Campaign [Please Note: This campaign is no longer active]

Back in early 2009, the country saw massive increases in federal spending, the swelling of those on the government payroll and the dole, union favoritism, corporate bailouts, the nationalization of industry after industry, demand for ever expanding regulation and red tape, movement towards carbon cap-and-tax, the unconstitutional passage of health care legislation, and the attempt to enslave every citizen under the yoke of mandatory national service. In the face of these events, the true totalitarian agenda of the Obama Administration was becoming clearer to the general public, leading to the rise of the Tea Party movement and many other activist political acts expressing strong opposition.

The Atlas Shrugged Books-to-Politicians Campaign was one such effort, designed to send many copies of Ayn Rand's prophetic novel to our politicians as a means of protesting their actions—most of which appeared to have almost literally been taken from the pages of the fictional story. Click on the image to the left to see the old website and participation by many liberty-minded volunteers.