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I highly recommend the following extremely interesting websites:

Brian Royce Faulkner "Poetry and Short Stories":   Brian Royce Faulkner
Brian projects the true majesty of the indomitable human spirit in his lyrical poetry and short stories. With just a few well crafted words, he perfectly captures and expresses Ayn Rand's ideal: to live one's life without pain or fear or guilt.
Stephen Hicks, Ph.D. "Professor of Philosophy":   Stephen Hicks, Ph.D.
In addition to instruction in general philosophy, Stephen teaches courses in business ethics and entrepreneurship at Rockford College. His website offers a steady intellectual diet of interesting articles on a variety of topics, and his Philosophy of Education video series is a monumental achievement of scholarship and clarity. Don't miss it!
Michael J. Hurd, Ph.D. "Daily Dose of Reason":   Michael J. Hurd, Ph.D.
Each day, Michael provides a short analysis of current events, often identifying the underlying consequences of actions which otherwise go unreported.
Charles Anderson "An Objectivist Individualist":   Charles Anderson
Charles, a materials physicist, writes articles analyzing a diverse range of contemporary issues, typically providing a significant body of facts to back up his observations and conclusions.


"Reforming" Government a Toxic Fantasy
Michael J. Hurd
An Open Letter To All Tea Party Activists
C. Jeffery Small
An Open Letter To All Tea Party Activists
C. Jeffery Small


Quantitative Easing Explained
Republic vs. Democracy
How Modern Liberals Think
Evan Sayet
The Philosophy of Liberty
Ken Schoolland

Useful Links:

Axton, Sam
Bokor, Sylvia
Donway, Walter
Larsen, Brian
Artist - [Blog]
Malcom, Robert
Mann, Linda
Newberry, Michael
Tracy, Robert
Byrd, Frances
Political Artist
Deely, Irene Juliette
Political Artist
Blogs and Articles:
American Thinker
Thomas Lifson
An Intransigent Mind
Brianna Aubin
Barely a Blog
Ilana Mercer
Duke Over America
Mark Kalinowski
Economics, Politics, Society and Culture
George Reisman
Free Colorado
Ari Armstrong
I Am America 101
RD Martin
Rational Nation USA
Les Carpenter III
Nick Gillespie
Ron Merrill Archives
Adam Reed (Hosting)
Shaving Leviathan
Jeff Perren
Sowell's Syndicated Columns
Thomas Sowell
Stossel's Take
John Stossel
William's Syndicated Columns
Walter E. Williams
Books Online:
Ayn Rand
George Reisman    [PDF Download]
The God of the Machine
Isabel Paterson    [PDF Download]
Bill of No Rights
Lewis W. Napper
Declaration and Constitution Online
Including Other Documents
Constitution Minute – Radio Ad Series
Cato Institute
Declaration of Independence
Jeffrson's Rough Draft
Liberty Amendment, The
Willis E. Stone
Index of Dependence on Government: 2010
The Heritage Foundation
Index of Economic Freedom
The Heritage Foundation
"The End of Laissez-Faire"
John Maynard Keynes (1926)
Climate Skeptic
Warren Meyer
Joanne Nova
Junk Science
Stephen J. Milloy
Watts Up With That
Anthony Watts
Complete List, The
Email/FAX Numbers for Congress
Congress Merge
Online Congressional Directory
White House
Contact Form for the President
Federal Budget
Charts on Expenditures and Debt
Gasoline Tax Rates for All States
Frank Laughter
U.S. Debt Clock
Displays Debt Estimates in Real Time
Legislative Resources:
Research Legislation
Open Congress
Research Legislation
Open Secrets
Track Money Influences on Politics
Track Proposed Rules & Legislation
Research Legislation    (Library of Congress)
Free State Project, The
Interactive Freedom Index
Magazines and Periodicals:
American Thinker
Thomas Lifson
Aristos: Online Review of the Arts
Michelle Kamhi, Louis Torres
Capitalism Magazine
Intellectual Activist, The
Robert Tracinski
Monadnock Review Archives
Peter Saint-Andre
News Sources - General:
Breitbart Newswire
Andrew Breitbart
Happy News
Real Clear Markets
John McIntyre and Tom Bevan
Real Clear Politics
John McIntyre and Tom Bevan
News Sources - Science:
Discover Magazine
Kalmbach Publishing Co.
Science Daily
Dan Hogan, Editor
Technology, Entertainment & Design
Organizations and Think Tanks:
American Enterprise Institute
American Legislative Exchange Council
Tom Craddick
Americans for Limited Government
Howard Rich, Bill Wilson
Americans for Prosperity
Tim Phillips
Americans for Tax Reform
Grover Norquist
Beacon Hill Institute, The
David G. Tuerck
Cato Institute
Edward Crane, Robert Levy
Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship, The
Stephen Hicks
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Alan Gottlieb, Ron Arnold
Center for Fiscal Responsibility
Grover Norquist
Citizens Against Government Waste
J. Peter Grace, Jack Anderson
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Fred L. Smith, Leonard Liggio
Council on Competitiveness
Samuel R. Allen
Downsize DC
Jim Bubka
Federalist Society, The
Steven G. Calabresi
Foundation for Economic Education
Lawrence Reed
Freedom Works
Dick Armey, Matt Kibbe
Frontiers of Freedom
Malcolm Wallop
Future of Freedom Foundation, The
Jacob Hornberge
Goldwater Institute, The
Darcy Olsen, Clint Bolick
Heartland Institute, The
Joseph Bast
Independence Institute
Jon Caldara
Independent Women's Forum
Michelle D. Bernard
Institute for Justice
William Mellor
Institute for Liberty
Andrew Lange
Ludwig von Mises Institute
Douglas French
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Michael Barreiro
National Taxpayers Union
Duane Parde
Open Secrets
Robert A. Weinberger
Pacific Research Institute
Sally C. Pipes
Policy and Taxation Group
Jeff Cook, Patricia Soldano
Property Rights Alliance
Kelsey Zahourek
Reason Foundation
William Dunn, David Nott
Tax Foundation
William Ahern
Taxpayers for Common Sense
Ryan Alexander
Political Activism:
Get Out Of Our House  (GOOOH)
Evict Career Politicians From House of Representatives
Grade Government
Citizens Grade Their Elected Officials
On The Issues
Reports Where Politicians Stand On The Issues
Nationwide Tea Party Coalition
Mission Statement
Patriot Caucus, The
Eric Odom
Tea Party Debates, The
Tea Party Resource for Hosting Candidate Debates
Tea Party Express
Actively Supporting Candidates Nationwide
Tea Party Patriots
Mission Statement
Tea Party Sign Artwork
Free Artwork for Tea Party Signs/Posters
Ayn Rand Lexicon, The
Harry Binswanger, Editor
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, The
James Fieser and Bradley Dowden, Editors
Objectivist Answers
Ask Questions Related To Objectivism
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, The
Edward Zalta and Uri Nodelman, Editors
Taxonomy of Logical Fallacies, The
Gary N. Curtis