The following images demonstrate how UFRaw is not properly importing raw Minolta (mrw) and Sony (arw) image files and is then passing
them along to GIMP. The additional images show how RawTherapee, Darktable and Shotwell are able to properly read and display
these same files. RawStudio handles Minolta (mrw) files, but fails on Sony (arw) files.

Ubuntu 13.10 system running on an Asus U56E system
UFRaw ver. 0.19.2
Dcraw ver. 9.19.1
GIMP ver. 2.8.6
RawTherapee ver. 4.0.11
RawStudio ver. 2.0-1.1
Darktable ver. 1.2.3
Shotwell ver. 0.15.0

Another set of images was added which show how these raw files display (without adjustment) when loaded into the raw image editing software
supplied by the camera manufacturer. It seems to me that UFRaw should operate in a similar manner.

For those interested, the original raw 24-Mb Sony Alpha cloud image can be accessed at:

Raw File Imported into UFRaw Raw File Imported into GIMP from UFRaW Raw File Loaded Directly Into RawTherapee Raw File Loaded Directly Into Darktable Raw File Loaded Directly into Shotwell Raw File Imported into Minolta/Sony Converters Raw File Loaded Directly into RawStudio
Image No. 1
Minolta mrw File
Image No. 2
Sony arw File
Image No. 3
Sony arw File
See Image Above