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Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Subject: Tracking The Trump Administration's Actions and Legislation

Well, it has been over two and a half years since I have added any content on this blog. During that time I have been haunting Facebook, posting comments and shorter pieces of analysis. If anyone is interested in communicating there, send me a message on Facebook referencing this blog and I would be happy to connect.

The purpose of this post is to make you aware of a new website that I am initiating, dedicated to tracking the significant actions of the incoming Trump administration in so far as they relate to upholding the rights of the individual and personal freedom. Here is the site's preamble:

On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump won the American presidential election. Over the course of his life and during the campaign Trump has made a large number of declarative statements staking out firm positions on a wide array of issues. The problem is that in almost every case he has contradicted his earlier stand—often more than once—making it impossible to know what he might actually do if given the opportunity. Well that opportunity has arrived.

It is my belief that the context of the moment is all that Trump understands, and because of that, the statements he makes regarding his "
intentions" are no predictor as to what future actions he might actually take. Therefore, rather than attempt to evaluate his "promises," the only rational course is to judge each specific action or piece of legislation produced by this administration as it occurs, weighing the pros and cons and deciding whether they are, on balance, good, neutral or bad for the rights and liberty of the individual.

However, having said that, as a person being handed the reigns of a government with the very real power to wield force against the country's citizens, some of Trump's statements rise above mere rhetoric to the level of actionable threats. In these cases, his words will be evaluated as peremptory actions and judged accordingly. This running list will record the events as they occur, providing a means of deciding which pre-election expectation for a Trump presidency turns out to be closer to the truth.

Up to this point I have only included four pre-inaugural event that I deemed as significant. Three of the four I rate as bad and one good. As I said, my criteria for judgment is based upon the impact that the actions have upon individual rights and personal freedom only. When I say that some action is good for America, please note that this is shorthand for saying that it is good for American individuals. It is the freedom, equally applied to all citizens, not some nationalistic concept of "country first" that matters.

Clearly, there is a wide spectrum of thought in evaluating Trump, leading to divergent expectations for his presidency. Based upon his history, I admit to being someone who currently holds low expectations. Nevertheless, I intend to be as objective as possible in my assessment of his actions, giving credit where due and laying blame when warranted, using freedom as the metric. There is nothing I would like better than to be surprised by Trump's commitment to our rights. Over the course of time, we will see.

Update:  After tracking the administration's activity for a little over a month, I quickly became worn down and discouraged by being so close to this sort of day-to-day political activity. Therefore, I have abandoned the effort. Sorry to let down anyone who was interested in using this as a resource.

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